Friday, August 12, 2011

Tiny Quiet Book

So, I was browsing Pinterest the other day and came across a super cute "Needlebook" that had been posted on Etsy by someone from the UK. I however didn't see it as a needlebook (somewhere to keep your needles) at all. I saw a cute little quiet book that is small enough to take in your purse to keep the little one busy at church, the doctors office or anywhere else they need to keep quiet.
So I started planning my book and decided to do a sea creature theme. So I found some clip art online and sized them all about the same size in Microsoft Word and printed them out.  Then I cut them out.

 I traced them onto felt and then cut out the felt pieces. I used several different colors on some of the creatures... such as the boat. I used brown for the base and mast, blue for the sails and red for the flag at the top.

Then I traced circles onto different colors of felt and cut those out for the "pages" of the book.

I used a glass bowl to get the right size and make sure I was actually tracing a circle onto my felt. Then I layed out my cutouts onto my felt circles until I had color combinations I thought looked good.

Then I started stitching. I tried machine stitching the first one but it is really just to small to do machine stitching. So I hand stiched the rest with just plain thread, although I'm sure the embroidery floss would look great too.
Here are what each finished "page" looks like... close but not exactly the same as the clipart.

Next I took 4 small scraps of ribbon (just about 2-3 inches each) and folded then in half. Then I turned two backs of the circles together and sewed them together, with the ribbon peaking out of the side of the seam.
Next I trimmed the edges of my circles to make them match each other. I would have loved to pink the edges but my pinking shears are currently missing. I put them all together on a plastic ring that you can purchase in the baby section at most stores. I think they are called "Link A Dos" I bought 24 for $4 at Walmart. See below for the finished product.



  1. This is super cute and a great idea... cant wait to see what you have in-store!!!

  2. Wow!! I'm wishing I had enough time to create one of these!!